Author: Dennis Cunanan

Orienting and Mentoring New Masons

Freemasonry trains new Masons from mouth to ear, using mentorship as its primary medium of instruction. Think about it: Candidates to the degrees of Masonry were taught to follow their guide and fear not what man can do to them. They were guided throughout the lodge by a Deacon, instructed further by Wardens, and charged […]

Who we are and what we do

Sometimes, people casually ask me what Freemasonry is all about. Being a Mason myself, it is always my pleasure to discuss about Freemasonry, whether with Masons or non-Masons. There are times, however, when opportunity becomes scarce to discuss about it in length, so instead I tell inquiring people the short-version answer that Freemasonry “makes good […]

The Reward in Serving Others

The act of serving others is a gift that offers profound self-discovery and personal enrichment. My journey through institutions like the Freemasons and the Shriners, as well as my experience in public service, has illuminated this truth for me. These experiences allowed me to observe and understand first-hand the deeply satisfying rewards of service. At […]

The Essence of Servant Leadership: A Personal Journey

In my personal and professional journey, I have come to treasure a distinctive style of leadership that resonates deeply with me: servant leadership. This philosophy centers on the notion that true leaders primarily serve others, a principle that has been my guiding star across diverse roles and life-changing milestones. My formative years in Angeles City, […]