a burn and crippled child mabuhay shriners sent to the US for treatment.

The Reward in Serving Others

The act of serving others is a gift that offers profound self-discovery and personal enrichment. My journey through institutions like the Freemasons and the Shriners, as well as my experience in public service, has illuminated this truth for me. These experiences allowed me to observe and understand first-hand the deeply satisfying rewards of service.

At a very young age, my parents, Diosdado Cunanan and Amelia Lacson, imparted to me the principle that the true measure of wealth isn’t the sum of our material possessions but the positive influence we bring to the lives of others. They inspired me to rise by lifting others, a notion that has been my compass throughout my life.

As a Freemason, I had the opportunity to put this principle into action. This fraternal organization is revered for its dedication to philanthropic endeavors and commitment to moral and societal integrity. Being part of a community that actively works towards collective betterment, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction. It’s the satisfaction that comes from knowing that our collective actions, however small, can facilitate significant social transformations.

a burn and crippled child mabuhay shriners sent to the US for treatment.
Burned patient we helped get treatment in the US via the Shriners.

My journey with the Shriners, a philanthropic organization dedicated to providing children with specialized medical care, reinforced this realization. The chance to impact young lives positively and provide hope to families brought a level of fulfillment that is truly unique. Seeing a child’s life improve due to our collective efforts, witnessing the gratitude in their eyes, and their renewed hope for a brighter future; these are the rewards that truly matter.

In public service, I further explored this sense of satisfaction that comes from helping others. The role, while demanding, is a platform for significant societal influence. It’s an avenue where you can directly impact the wellbeing of the community you serve, and that’s a truly rewarding experience. The sense of fulfillment that comes from resolving community issues, lending a helping hand to those in need, and contributing to societal progress is unparalleled.

In essence, the rewards of service are multifaceted. It’s not just about giving but the joy and personal growth that comes from this act. Seeing the tangible, positive impact of our actions on the lives of individuals and communities is deeply rewarding. It’s a gratifying journey that transcends individual interests and affirms the truth of the saying: ‘Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth.’ It’s not just a calling; it’s a profoundly fulfilling way of life.

To other leaders and individuals with influence, I extend this invitation: embark on a journey of service. It’s not just a path to be tread, but an experience that enriches your life and broadens your perspective. By choosing to serve, you’re not just making a difference in your community or constituency, you’re contributing to the greater good of society.

In public service, every action taken, every decision made, can transform lives and communities. As leaders, we have the opportunity to set an example, not just through our words but our actions. This opportunity shouldn’t be taken lightly; we owe it to our constituents to work towards their wellbeing and the collective progress of our society.

The rewards of public service extend beyond material or political gains. It’s in the smiles of the people we serve, the gratitude of the families we’ve helped, the resilience of communities we’ve uplifted, and the progress of the society we’ve shaped.

So, to leaders everywhere, be reminded of this: leadership isn’t about power or prestige, but about service, compassion, and making a difference. Embrace the opportunity to serve, commit to the public good, and the rewards, often immeasurable, will surely follow. After all, as we rise to positions of influence and authority, we must never forget the responsibility we bear to those we lead.

Remember, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. As you lead, strive to be that light, illuminating the path of progress for your constituents. I guarantee, the fulfillment you’ll experience in service to others will far outweigh any accolade or achievement. In serving, you will find an enriching journey, a rewarding experience, and a life well lived. The world needs more servant leaders; be one.