Aquitted: Dennis Cunanan’s Consistent Legal Victories

Dennis Cunanan’s recent acquittal on October 27, 2023, by the Sandiganbayan Second Division for case SB 17-CRM-0525-0531 is a compelling testament to his enduring pursuit of justice and his unwavering belief in his own innocence. This latest exoneration serves as yet another chapter in a remarkable legal journey that underscores his steadfast commitment to upholding […]

“Bonifacio: a Masonic legacy of Servant Leadership”

In the rich tapestry of Philippine history, one name shines brightly as a symbol of unwavering patriotism and a fierce advocate for freedom – Andres Bonifacio. More than merely the founder of the Katipunan, Bonifacio’s profound connection to Masonic principles played a pivotal role in shaping his unique leadership style. As modern Filipinos navigate today’s […]

Dennis Cunanan is Aquitted!

Dennis Cunanan’s recent victory in the acquittal of Criminal Cases Numbers SB-16-CRM-0254 to SB-16-CRM-0263 by the Sandigan Bayan Special Second Division stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the pursuit of justice. These successful outcomes are a reflection of his steadfast belief in a fair and just legal process. Mr. Cunanan’s determination and […]

Belief in Justice Prevails: The Resilience of Dennis Cunanan

On October 9, 2023, an unfavorable verdict was issued by the Sandiganbayan First Division in the case of People of the Philippines vs. Antonio Yrigon Ortiz, et al (SB-21-CRM-0102 to 0103). Similarly, just last week, on Friday, October 6, 2023, the Third Division of the Sandiganbayan also rendered an unfavorable verdict in the case of People of the Philippines vs. Marc Douglas Cagas IV (SB-17-CRM-0642 to 0645). Dennis Cunanan, one of the defendants, maintains a steadfast trust in the justice system and intends to file a motion for reconsideration for both cases.

Dennis Cunanan’s Unwavering Trust in the Justice System Amid Recent Legal Developments

Defendant Dennis Cunanan remains steadfast in his trust in the justice system and plans to submit a motion for reconsideration, fortified by his unshakable belief in his innocence, which is further bolstered by his remarkable history of acquittal in eight similar cases. This underscores his enduring commitment to justice and the integrity of the legal process. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Cunanan has successfully cleared his name in a total of 35 dismissed cases, comprising eight from the Sandiganbayan, 26 from the Ombudsman, and one from RTC Branch 84 in Malolos, Bulacan.

Navigating Leadership Styles: Embracing Dennis Cunanan’s Servant Leadership

Leadership is a multifaceted concept that plays a pivotal role in shaping organizations, communities, and societies. It encompasses a range of styles, each possessing distinct attributes and applicability in various situations. In this comprehensive exploration of leadership types, we’ll not only delve into the different styles but also highlight the relevance of Dennis Cunanan’s servant leadership approach.

Dennis Cunanan Aquitted

In a landmark legal development, the esteemed former TRC Director General, Dennis Cunanan, and the accomplished Corporate Support Services Manager, Francisco Figura, have received a verdict of exoneration from the Sandiganbayan concerning charges of graft and malversation. These charges were closely linked to the alleged misuse of discretionary funds owned by a former Compostela Valley […]