Official statement about Sen. Hontiveros’ press release as of June 17, 2024

Greetings! Thanks a lot for the opportunity to air our side of the story. We fully respect the statements and views of Sen. Hontiveros but just the same, we would like to express the following:

1. When we were contracted as an independent consultant to help the companies register for possible POGO operations in the country, everything was LEGALLY undertaken and followed.

2. The companies mentioned at that time were properly and legally registered in our country. Without any derogatory record or illegal actions associated to them. (Will never be engaged then with them if they have records like what they have now)

3. The submissions to regulatory and licensing bodies were diligently followed and observed. Everything went through the regular process without any evidence of any extra-ordinary circumstances.

4. They needed an authorized representative to help them at that time as it was part of their set up processes.

5. We were never and have not ever been part of the companies’ operations and activities. Our consultancy engagements are very limited and defined to support their respective proper registration.

6. Please take note that We are NOT ANYMORE connected to the companies mentioned and have long stopped all engagements with them as evidence by their recent re-applications for licensing or renewal of licenses where we are not anymore part or engaged as their consultant or representative.

7. It is unfortunate that the PDAF cases are being mentioned and dragged in these issues sensationally and I am being publicly portrayed as a convicted person when we have more acquittals than the conviction being mentioned which is still subject to final judgement with the Supreme Court.

8. Our conscience is very clear regarding this matter and we join law enforcement agencies in their efforts to stop illegal activities. Again, we were and are NOT at all party to the issues at hand as a private individual. We did our private professional work then properly like any other hard working citizen of this country.

Thanks a lot for your fair and balance news reporting. God Bless!