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Lawyer sets record straight: Cunanan’s ‘involvement’ in POGO misleading, incorrect

The legal counsel of Dennis Cunanan, Atty. Iryl B. Boco, said in a statement that insinuations of Cunanan’s continued involvement in the recent controversy surrounding the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations (POGO) “are misleading and incorrect.”  Atty. Boco was referring to recent reports and articles made by Rappler, casting aspersions on Cunanan’s professional integrity.  “We find […]

Statement on Sandiganbayan Verdict in Case SB-20-CRM-0012-0013: Pursuing Justice Despite Setbacks

In light of the recent verdict by the Sandiganbayan 6th Division on February 6, 2024, convicting three former officials of the defunct Technology Resource Center (TRC), including Dennis Cunanan, in Sandiganbayan Criminal Case/s SB-20-CRM-0012-0013, it is important to acknowledge this as a temporary setback in the pursuit of justice. While the decision may seem unfavorable, […]

“Bonifacio: a Masonic legacy of Servant Leadership”

In the rich tapestry of Philippine history, one name shines brightly as a symbol of unwavering patriotism and a fierce advocate for freedom – Andres Bonifacio. More than merely the founder of the Katipunan, Bonifacio’s profound connection to Masonic principles played a pivotal role in shaping his unique leadership style. As modern Filipinos navigate today’s […]

Aquitted: Dennis Cunanan’s Consistent Legal Victories

Dennis Cunanan’s recent acquittal on October 27, 2023, by the Sandiganbayan Second Division for case SB 17-CRM-0525-0531 is a compelling testament to his enduring pursuit of justice and his unwavering belief in his own innocence. This latest exoneration serves as yet another chapter in a remarkable legal journey that underscores his steadfast commitment to upholding […]

Dennis Cunanan is Aquitted!

Dennis Cunanan’s recent victory in the acquittal of Criminal Cases Numbers SB-16-CRM-0254 to SB-16-CRM-0263 by the Sandigan Bayan Special Second Division stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the pursuit of justice. These successful outcomes are a reflection of his steadfast belief in a fair and just legal process. Mr. Cunanan’s determination and […]