Sandiganbayan Front (commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City; 03 13 2021)

Statement on Sandiganbayan Verdict in Case SB-20-CRM-0012-0013: Pursuing Justice Despite Setbacks

In light of the recent verdict by the Sandiganbayan 6th Division on February 6, 2024, convicting three former officials of the defunct Technology Resource Center (TRC), including Dennis Cunanan, in Sandiganbayan Criminal Case/s SB-20-CRM-0012-0013, it is important to acknowledge this as a temporary setback in the pursuit of justice. While the decision may seem unfavorable, it is imperative to maintain faith in the legal process and believe that justice will ultimately prevail.

The conviction, based on allegations of graft and malversation of public funds, underscores the complexities and challenges inherent in legal proceedings. However, it is crucial to remember that this is just one chapter in a larger narrative. Given the similarity of this case to other cases previously won and aquitted, it is possible that there were overlooked or underappreciated aspects that prompted the decision. Dennis Cunanan and his legal team remain committed to vindicating his innocence.

As we navigate through this setback, it is essential to stay resilient and unwavering in our pursuit of truth and justice. Every legal battle comes with its share of challenges, but with determination and perseverance, we are confident that the truth will eventually come to light. Together, we stand firm in our belief that justice will prevail, and Dennis Cunanan will ultimately be vindicated.